How to fix the network setting error to install the driver in Brother Printer?

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If you’re trying to install the driver for Windows in the Brother machine with the help of network settings but you couldn’t able to find any network connection, thus fails in driver installation.

brother printer network setting

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Follow the steps as given below to fix the issue of the network setting to install the driver in the Brother system-

  • Scan the network connection
  • Check that the LAN cable and the power cord of the Brother system and make sure that they’re connected.

Tips-In case the power cord is connected to a surge protector or the power switches then you need to remove the cord from the device and connect it directly to the outlet.

  • Check whether the Brother system and PC are connected in a friendly environment.

Note- There is no central server controlling file access or print sharing.

  • Check whether the link light of the router or the hub is ‘ON’.

Check the IP address of your PC and the Brother machine.

You need to check whether both IP address of your PC and the Brother machine are correct and are located in the same segmentation.

Check out the instructions below to check the IP address of your PC-

For Windows 10

  • Select the ‘Start’ option, followed by ‘All apps’, Windows System
  • Choose the ‘Command Prompt’

For Windows 8

On the Start screen of the Window’s taskbar and click on the arrow pointing in the downward direction.

Note- If the arrow pointing in the downward direction isn’t there in the ‘Start’ screen then you need to right-click somewhere on an empty space. Then go for clicking ‘All Apps’ from the bar.

  • Select the option ‘Command Prompt’

            Windows Me/2000/XP/Windows Vista and Windows 7

  • Select the option ‘Start’.
  • Click on the option ‘All Programs’ (Programs for Windows 2000 users), followed by ‘Accessories’.
  • Choose the option ‘Command Prompt’.
  1. Type ‘ipconfig.’ (C :\> ipconfig) and press the ‘Enter’ button.
  2. Check the IP address and Subnet Mask.
  3. Enter ‘Exit’ (C :\> exit) and press ‘Enter’ button to close ‘Command Prompt’.

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