How to fix brother printer keeps going offline?

The brother printers are well-known in the industry to provide affordable printers without compromising in the quality of printing. Brother printer is one of the best with competitions with HP and Canon printers that are just considered to be the best in the printing business. In recent times, there are several users that have a minor complaint when you see “brother printer keeps going offline” error. You can fix this error automatically or after some idle time which ranges to 10 to 30 mins.

brother printer keeps going offline

This is one of the issues that can become very irritating to the users will not be able to print the pages as the printer itself that will be listed as offline and then the documents will be added to the queue when it is lined up of printing. In this article, you will get to learn the steps for brother printer keeps going offline. Be it any Brother printer from Brother HL-4070CDW Printer, brother MFC j875dw printer, Brother hl 2270dw Printer.

Why does my brother printer keep going offline?

There are many different reasons behind this error why you might see the “brother printer keeps going offline” every time when you start it. These reasons might be responsible when this error occurs:

  • Static IP: The port you are attaching to the printer is not a static one. If it is not a dynamic port then the IP can change that can differ from the information which is stored on the computer.
  • Antivirus security software: Any downloaded antivirus software can cause issues with the printer when they block the actions because of false positives.
  • Issues with the driver: The driver installed against your Brother printer might not be working.
  • Using printer offline: There are many features that are used in Windows which lets you use the printer offline. If you select this option then it might accept the offline printer and start to que the documents for printing.

How to get a printer online brother?

Whether your Brother wireless printer is connected with Mac or Windows OS. There are many solutions to deal with brother printer keeps going offline error. Here in this section, you will get to know the steps that can help you to resolve the error:

  1. You can try to disable firewalls and antivirus software from your device.
  2. Try to disable SNMP that is enabled.
  3. Check the type of IP along with its validity.
  4. Disable the print offline.
  5. Try to reinstall the brother drivers.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

 If the Brother printer still keeps disconnecting or the brother printer keeps going offline error still persists then make sure that you take a look at the vulnerable issues or the causes and consider troubleshooting steps for the same.

Frequently answered questions:

How do you get your Brother printer back online?

First of all, you have to right-tap on the Brother printer icon and you will see what’s printing tab. Tap on the “Printer” option and use the “Printer Offline” option. If you see Printer Offline is grey in color then tap on the “Open as administrator” option, Now, just enter the admin password and tap on the “Yes” option.

Why does my Brother printer say it’s offline?

There is a possibility that the Brother Printer is listed “Offline” if it is going through errors such as “Toner empty” or “paper jam” then your printing is compromised. The brother printer recommends checking the printer’s LCD screen for any of the error messages and this is why the Brother printer says it’s offline and doesn’t respond to the user’s action.

 How do I change my printer status from offline to online?

First of all, go to the “Start” icon and tap on the “Control Panel” option and then go to the “Printers” option. Just right-tap on the printer and choose the option labeled as “See What’s printing”.  From the window select the “Printer” option from the menu bat and tap on the option labeled as “Use Printer Online” from the menu.

How do I fix an offline printer problem?

You need to check and make sure the printer is turned on and connected to wifi. After this, you need to run a printer power cycle and set the printer as a default printer. You have to clear the print queue and reset the service that manages the printing queue. Just remove and re-add the printer to your device and restart your PC.

Why does my printer automatically go offline?

Your printer might be offline as there might be communication error in between your printer and PC. Here are some of the things that you should try to get it back online. You need to make sure that the printer is turned on and connected to the Wifi network of your PC. Under the “Printer” option just make sure the “Use Printer Offline” button is not selected.

How do I fix my Brother printer is offline Windows 10?

All you need to do is change the printer settings and then restart the print spooler service. After this, change the printer properties and reinstall the printer drivers. Now, reinstall the printer drivers and install the latest updates. After this, just add a second printer device and check if the VPN connection is available to use.

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