How to install additional memory and Compact Flash card to your Brother printer?

There is no gainsaying that Brother, the Japanese multinational company, is giving a tough competition to its competitors. And, to help it in maintaining the topmost position, Brother Printer contributes to a great extent. These printers are come up in a variety of models with diverse specifications and advanced features such as:

brother printer

  • Scan, copy, and print with Brother all-in-one printer
  • Excellent performance
  • Superb features
  • High-quality printing and more

(Not just the Brother, but every printer has certain memory to store the print commands that are in the queue).

You can also extend this memory by following the below-mentioned procedure in Brother Printer:

  1. Switch off the printer and also take out its cord from the power outlet
  2. Take off the printer board by removing all its six screws using a screwdriver
  3. Now, unpack the DIMM (dual in-line memory module) and make a tight grip to its edges
  4. While holding the DIMM carefully, alighn the notches on it with the DIMM slot
  5. Dab the DIMM directly into the slot and ensure that the locks on each side of the dual in-line memory module snap inwards into place
    • Make sure the locks are released, when you remove a DIMM
  6. Put back the printer board cover that you have removed earlier
  7. Fasten the six screws with a screwdriver
  8. Now, reconnect the printer cable from your computer
  9. Connect the power cord to the AC outlet
  10. Turn on the printer
  11. It’s done!

To fix any error occurring while adding the additional memory, call Brother Printer support number immediately.

After installing the extra memory, if you wish to install a Compact Flash card then follow the below-given instructions:

(Please note you can add flash memory card such as sandisk or SanDisk OEM products to your Brother printer)

  1. Turn off the Brother printer and take out the power plug from the AC outlet
  2. Set a Compact Flash card into the slot
    • Make sure the label facing towards you
    • Insert it properly and carefully
  3. If you want to remove it then power off the printer and take out the card carefully

For any other query, call Brother printer tech support team and speak to a technician!

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