How to reset Brother Printer toner?

Brother Printers just like any other printer needs to be done toner reset when the ink or the toner level runs low. Although you may see Brother Printer toner reset alert, even if there is still plenty of toners available in the cartridge. You must reset the Brother Printer toner cartridge if you want to get rid of the alert message appearing again and again on your screen. If you reset a uses Brother Toner cartridge, you give a new life to it, without needing to replace it.

Reset Brother Printer toner

Sometimes, even after replacing the toner cartridge, you see “toner Low” or “replace toner” warning popping up on your screen. You’ve also taken the toner cartridge out and checked everything is working properly or not. You’ve even restarted the printer and nothing is working right and also there is nothing in the user manual to fix this trouble. Do not worry! You can get rid of the issue by resetting the toner cartridge manually or by seeking assistance from Brother Printer Customer Service.

Steps to Reset Brother Printer toner

  1. Turn on the Brother Printer by pressing the “power” button.
  2. Turn it off once again and restart it.
  3. Lift the printer cover of your Brother Printer and press the “Secure Print” button and the “Cancel” button altogether. You will find these buttons available between the “OK” and “GO” buttons.
  4. In this step, you have to press the “+” button. This will display a toner colors list installed in the Brother printer. The “+” button is available right next to the LCD.
  5. Look for the color that you want to reset and highlight it.
  6. Press “OK”. This will reset the color.
  7. Repeat the same process if you wish to reset more colors.

To perform Brother Printer toner reset on Brother HL monochrome (black and white) printers follow the steps given below:

(Note: Open the front cover and keep it remain open while you perform the steps given below)

  1. Turn the Brother HL monochrome printer off.
  2. Switch it on again by holding the “Go” or “Start” button.
  3. Make sure that the lights available on the panel should remain turned on.
  4. In this step, you have to release the “Go” button and press it twice.
  5. Take a [pause for a while and now press the “Go” button 5 times more. This will turn off the toner light.
  6. The toner is now reset and the paper light will start flashing.
  7. In the end, close the cover.

With this, you complete the process of resetting the Brother Print toner. If you are still unable to do so, you may get in touch with Brother Printer Support executives, who will provide you with the hasty solutions.

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