How to print duplex and booklet with Brother Printers?

In the tech world, the printer has become commonplace and it will stay for long. Nowadays, many printer companies are pushing their customers to use tablets, computers, and even paper ink. In this competitive world, it’s difficult to choose your printer, so go for the highly recommended printer like Brother printer.

Brother Printers

If you are at the right place in choosing your printer then you will never face any kind of problems in printing a good quality image or prints. Choose brother printers and make great impressions. As it is available in all-in-ones feature, it is also known as a smart printer. With voice control feature, it fulfills all your requirements. One more thing in this printer is- the printer that swaps traditional cartridges for liquid ink that sits in tanks.

You don’t need to be worried about the technology as you just need to be focused on print commands that you are giving on your device. As to print good quality images just follow the instructions on the booklet given with the product or take help from brother printer support. You will get irritated if your trusted printers won’t work as per your expectation.

Luckily, Brother Printers have shown a faster, better connected, and a better print quality performance this year. In case you face any problem in installing or anything related to it, you can take help from the support by calling on brother support number. If you are a brother printer user and want to print both sides of the paper or a booklet automatically then consider the guidelines mentioned below:

How to print both sides of the paper and a booklet automatically?

  • Borderless Printing is not available while giving 2-sided printing command
  • If the paper is crushed the straighten it and put it back in the paper tray
  • Use regular paper or thin paper. But not use bond papers

To print 2-sided or booklet print automatically in the printer driver in Windows, follow the instructions to change the settings or take help by calling on brother printer tech support number. Below are the steps to change the settings:

  1. You can either set the duplex booklet print for a single job or set the driver for the same so that all subsequent print jobs are 2-sided booklet printed
  2. Click on the ‘BasicTab’, you will find a duplex/booklet dropbox from which you have to select one
  • Duplex– choose this option if you want to print on both sides of the paper automatically
  • Booklet– Choose this option if you want to print as a booklet automatically, as to make the Booklet, fold the printed pages down the middle. While using the booklet printing function, please note that the paper size, orientation, source, and other settings must remain unchanged for the whole document.
  1. Click on the ‘Duplex Settings button
  2. It depends upon you whether you chose Duplexor Booklet, you have to adjust the following settings:


  • Duplex Type: There are four types of both sides binding directions available for each orientation either it is portrait or landscape
  • Binding Offset: If you check this option, you can specify the offset for the binding in inches or millimeters also


  • Booklet Printing Method: When you choose to divide into Sets: This option allows you to fold it from the center of the smaller individual, booklet sets without having the change. Keep in mind to set the pages number wise. You can identify the number of sheets in each smaller booklet set, from 1 -15. This option will help while folding the printed booklet that has a large number of pages
  • Binding Offset: If you check this option, you can also specify the offset for the binding in inches or millimeters
  1. Click ‘OK’
  2. Some types of print media may need more drying time when using both sides printing feature. If you have problems with smudged both side prints or paper jams, you may configure the Advanced Duplex Settings:
  3. Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab
  4. Now click ‘Other Print Options’
  5. Click ‘Advanced Duplex Settings’. You have to choose one of the following settings:
      • Normal: Choose this option to print at normal speed, using a normal amount of ink
      • Duplex 1 Choose this option to print at a slower speed, using a normal amount of ink. This feature is not available for Ledger or A3 size paper
      • Duplex 2 Choose this option to print the same speed as Duplex 1 but using less ink
  1. Click ‘OK’
  2. Lastly, click on ‘Apply’

This is how you can change the settings of your brother printers. Follow the steps carefully to avoid errors. You can also get help from brother printer support team in case you face any problem.

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