How to find Brother printer IP address?

The computer network uses the IP address for communication. The functions of the IP address are network interface identification and location addressing. If your printer is stopped working then you need to find the IP address of the printer to solve the problem. Most people are unaware of their printer’s IP address and it is not a difficult task to find the IP address as each printer network has a different name. In this blog, we will mention how to find brother printer IP address in quite easy steps, and by following these steps you can simply find your printer’s IP address.

Brother printer IP address

Steps to find the IP address for brother printer hl-2270dw on computer:

If you want to check your brother printer IP address on your computer, here are the easiest steps for you.

  • Tap “start menu” on the left corner side of the screen in your computer and select “control panel”.
  • Then, click on printers and devices.
  • After that, your printer will be shown there.
  • Check the model number of your printer.
  • Then, hit the printer option and select “properties”.
  • After selecting “properties” you have to go to the general tab and then, you will see a “labeled” option.
  • When you tap at the “labeled” option you can see your brother printer IP address.

How to find the IP address of the Brother printer by using the router?

If your computer is connected with the same network provided by the router then, you can find your IP address with it.

  • Go to the web browser on your computer and open the official page of your router.
  • Login to your router account by providing them your username and password.
  • You will see the section “local network”. Under that section, find the DHCP client table.
  • Finally, you can see your IP address under the “loss of network” option.

How to find the IP address with the help of the printer menu?

You can also find your IP address with the help of the printer menu. Most of the printers have their IP address on the main screen. Here are the steps to find it:

  • Go to the menu button on your printer.
  • Hit on the Network set up button with the help of buttons on your printer.
  • After that, you can see the available networks.
  • After selecting the network, go to the IP address settings to see the IP address of your printer.


To conclude, it is very easy to find the brother printer IP address by following the ways mentioned above. If you have any difficulty in finding the IP address then you can contact Brother Printer Support and will find your IP address.

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