Having problem while adjusting the disc print position in Brother Printer?

Prior to print to a CD/DVD, you need to meet certain standard to eliminate the issue. Users encounter the error when CUPS Printer Driver is not updated and it needs to be updated. It is recommended to update the “CUPS Printer Driver” and the “NewSoft CD Labeler software” to get the latest version; this may help you to solve the issue of print position misalignment on a 12 cm disc.

disc print position

If this is not helping you to get rid of off-printing issue, reach out to get Brother Printer Driver Support In case the printed picture get off the boundaries of the compact disk, follow these steps to fix it.

Please note that the changes are only applicable for Macintosh computers and not go for the Windows-based operating system.

Follow the steps to adjust the disc print position

  1. On the printer’s display, press Menu
  2. Tap on the UP or DOWN key to display Initial Setup
  3. Tap Initial Setup
  4. Now, tap on the UP or DOWN key to display Disc Print arrangement
  5. Tap on the Disc Print Alignment option
  6. Tap UP, DOWN, LEFT, or RIGHT arrow keys to tune-up the print position
  7. Press OK to keep the changes

Try to take the print now and check if the changes you made are working properly to give the accurate result or not. Also, use a spare disc to test out the result; else, you might end up with badly printed result. If the printed images are still running out from the frame of the disc even after the adjustment of the print position, reach out for Brother Printer Tech support to get assured solution.

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