Get the best use of Brother Printer Issues by eliminating 3 major issues

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Brother printers are widely used by users across the world for its instant printing solutions. Its great quality prints make it loved by all. People who want to get things done rapidly with a high-performance rate rely upon brother printer in their office and home because of its reliability and versatility. Regardless of its phenomenal features, users may often face errors and troubles while working with brother printer.

These unexpected technical errors may appear in the form of different error codes. It nearly kills the user’s time as well as hampers the speed of the machine. The most common reason why your printer has stopped printing is because of the failure of the print head or because of the lost connection between the computer and the printer. Fortunately, these errors can be eliminated by following a simple procedure or contacting the Brother Printer support.

Troubleshooting common Brother Printer Error codes

Machine Error code- 5E

This error occurs when the transfer belt has expired or you can say it has reached the end of its specified life cycle. Worn out belts can be the one reason behind poor quality prints and paper jams.

How to fix it?

This error can be fixed by replacing the Belt Unit or the life counter resetting of the belt. Still facing issues? Dial Brother support number for further assistance.

Machine Error code- CF

While printing you see that your printer has started to create a huge number of waste toners. This waste toner is then put together in a waste toner unit. This error occurs when this waste toner unit is full.

How to fix it?

You need to replace the waste toner box to resolve this error. This can be done by following the steps given below:

  1. Turn off the switch of your printer.
  2. Fully open the top cover of the printer.
  3. Remove toner cartridge assemblies and the drum unit from the machine.
  4. Lift the belt unit up by holding the green unit of the belt.
  5. Now, pull it towards yourself.
  6. Discard the orange packing material.
  7. Remove the waste toner box by holding its green handle.
  8. Replace it with the new waste toner.

If the error is still not resolved then your waste toner sensor might be at fault.

Machine error code- A2

This error occurs because of the document jam. You will notice that your machine has detected an issue with a page in the automatic document feeder.

How to fix it?

The first step you can take to fix this error is by checking the path of the obstruction and trying to remove any foreign material present in the printer. Also, check that the document is not skidding and is set correctly on the feeder. In case the error still persists, then you should go for rollers and separation pad replacement.


Whenever you face any trouble with your inkjet, laser, or all-in-one printer, dial Brother Printer customer service number given below. It is recommended to fix printers under the supervision of experienced professionals. Brother Printer support offers the fastest tech support at very affordable rates.

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